What can a rabbit eat

Every owner of a thumbnail rabbit toy tries to take care of it as much as possible and provide everything necessary to keep the pet healthy and happy. It is essential that rabbits are properly fed, which directly influences their lifespan. How to feed a rabbit thumbnail what to avoid?

Nutrition of the rabbit – what should be the basis of the diet?

In their natural environment, rabbits spend their whole lives in the meadows, feeding on juicy and fresh grass. What can a rabbit eat at home? The basis of its diet should also be high quality hay combined with herbs.

You should choose hay that has the best parameters – it is sun-dried, thanks to which it has a high content of vitamin D. Poor quality hay, for example from marshy areas, can be rotten and, as a result, poisonous to our pet and contains a small amount of calcium, which is essential for rabbits. The addition of herbs not only makes the food for the rabbit tastier, but also has a positive effect on digestion.

What other hay additives are worth betting on? Hard ingredients such as chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, fruit tree twigs or dandelion root will take care of proper teeth abrasion and will provide a healthy variety of nutrition. So how should the rabbit diet look like? High quality hay and herbs should occupy about 80% of our pet’s daily diet.

Rabbit nutrition – obligatory water

Water is very important in the diet of every rabbit. He should have unlimited access to it. Its quality is also important – it should be clean and regularly replaced. It is not recommended to give mineral, mineralized or boiled water to the rabbit. Ordinary spring water from the store or from the tap works best. You should also pay attention if your pet drinks it regularly – if not, maybe you should change the type of drinker for the rabbit or bowl.

Which vegetables for the rabbit?

Vegetables and fruits can be a valuable addition to the rabbit miniature diet, but should not dominate it. They can fill his daily diet with about 10%. What vegetables can a rabbit eat? Our pet will certainly enjoy vegetables such as carrot root, celery or parsley, bell pepper and beet.

However, too many vegetables will lead to overgrowth of teeth and obesity. So how should a rabbit thumbnail feed on vegetables? We do not serve the whole vegetable at once, but only a piece of it. Vegetables should also not be cut too finely, because the rabbit could choke on them. Occasionally we can give the animal Roman lettuce and green chicory.

What can miniature rabbits eat – fruits

How to feed a rabbit thumbnail? The willingly given fruits in our rabbit’s diet should be treated as delicacies. We do not serve them every day, but only from time to time, also in pieces. The fruit contains many carbohydrates, which can contribute to obesity and the multiplication of bacteria in the intestines, which can even lead to death. What can a thumbnail rabbit eat? These are mainly bananas, which rabbits like to eat, but also apples and pears.

Young Thumbnail Rabbit Feeding

The diet of a young thumbnail rabbit differs to some extent from that of an adult animal, due to the immaturity of the digestive system. What should the diet of a young thumbnail rabbit look like? To develop properly, the animal needs a lot of minerals, protein and calories. Our pet should therefore have unlimited access to hay and pellets. Only from 3 months of age should the rabbit be taught to eat vegetables and fruits.

As the animal matures, the consumption of granules should be limited and various delicacies should be added to the diet. Why is this important? Because it may turn out that our rabbit will be overweight even before the end of the first year.

What can a granulated rabbit eat

Pellets are specially dried and formed food for rabbits, available in every pet store. For many owners it is a very easy solution that you can always have at hand. However, it is worth choosing only high quality products that have not been treated at high temperatures, depriving the food of its valuable properties.

The pellets are also poor in fiber, which must be in every rabbit’s diet and is highly caloric. Its frequent consumption leads to problems with teeth. So is it worth giving it to the animal? It is a good solution for small rabbits that need a lot of calories. When our rabbit is already an adult, you can supplement its diet with good quality pellets, but it should not be the basis of the diet.

What can’t rabbits eat?

Once we know what rabbits can eat, it is worth considering what foods are extremely harmful to them. It is primarily food for people – for example, sweets, fingers or chips. You should also not give the animal bread or other cereal, potato or nut products. Domestic flowers and their leaves are very toxic to rabbits. Vegetables such as onions, garlic, chives, cabbage or iceberg lettuce are also not recommended.