Rabbit Breeds

Even if you don’t have a rabbit at home, you can probably imagine a big ear: a small pet with fluffy fur, pointy ears and a busy nose, correct? However, what many people don’t know is that there are several kinds of rabbits in the pet world!

Know 5 most popular types of rabbit

Studies show that there are more than 50 furry breeds, one cuter than the other! Each one has its own specific characteristics and care. If you would like to know more about rabbit types, keep reading! We have separated the five most popular breeds and explained how to take care of each one.

It is worth pointing out that each race has its own characteristics as well as different personalities. But regardless of it the decision to have any little animal requires prior knowledge of care and management to ensure the well being of this new friend.

1. Rex
Size: medium/large
Weight: 2.5kg to 4kg
Life expectancy: 7 years
Behavior: caring and active

The Rex breed is among the best known types of rabbits. With the ears up, by the fluffy and curious air, the rex looks like the classic Easter bunny that we are so used to! According to researches, it appeared in France and soon conquered the world with its beauty and personality.

It is found with coat in different shades, but the most common colors are gray, black, white and cream. The eyes of the rex vary in only two tones: red or blue. With active and affectionate personality, rex loves to receive affection from his family! Another remarkable characteristic is its intelligence. These dentu├žos love to play and need daily activities.

2. Holland lop
Size: small
Weight: from 1kg to 2kg
Life expectancy: from 7 to 10 years
Behavior: affectionate and calm

The holland lop is another of the most popular types of rabbit. With its beautiful coat and gentle personality, the holland lop has conquered homes all over the world. As its name indicates, the race was born in the holland, from the crossing of other types of rabbit.

Some characteristics of the holland lop stand out, such as its fallen ears and its fluffy fur, which creates a kind of crown on top of the head. The holland lop also has short legs, so it is considered as a small breed and seems to be always down.

3. Lion’s Head
Size: small
Weight: from 1kg to 2kg
Life expectancy: from 7 to 10 years, may exceed.
Behavior: caring and active

The lionhead rabbit, also called the lionhead, is one of the cutest types of domestic rabbit! As its name implies, this breed stands out because of its bulky hairs that wrap around the head of the ear, giving it a cute and wild look!

Its origin is uncertain, but researchers believe that a genetic mutation gave the pet this unique coat! Its colors can vary between different shades of gray, black and cream. Its ears are short and up, giving a curious look to the rabbit. Today, it is a popular breed found all over the world. It is considered a small pet.

This breed has long hairs which can generate knots, bad appearance and even digestive problems. This is why this breed needs specific care in order to maintain the well being of the furry one.

4. English Angora
Size: small
Weight: up to 2kg
Life expectancy: from 7 to 9 years, may exceed
Behavior: affectionate and calm

For those who love a ball of fluffy fur, the English angora rabbit is the perfect pet! This type of rabbit stands out for its large and thick coat, which gives a unique look to the ear. It is one of the oldest races, and records show that the English angora rabbit has been with families since the beginning of the 20th century.

It is important not to confuse the types of rabbit breeds. There are four variants of angora rabbits. The English is known to be smaller and more popular. As it has a long hair it also needs special care when it comes to hygiene. It is recommended to brush your angora rabbit frequently at least 3 times a week. The Angora rabbit loves to receive attention from its tutors and the time of brushing is a great time to create ties with the pet.

5. Dutch dwarf
Size: mini
Weight: up to 2 kg
Life expectancy: up to 10 years, may exceed
Behavior: shy and docile

For fans of mini rabbit types, the Dutch dwarf rabbit is the perfect type! This cute little bunny is very well known and reaches, on average, 2kg as an adult. As the name suggests, it appeared in Holland, a country where rabbits are very common. It stands out for its small size and fluffy, with pointed ears and upwards.

Their coat can vary between shades of grey, caramel, white or black. It is a considerable healthy breed and has a high life expectancy which can exceed 10 years. Like other small pets,the dwarf dwarf rabbit is usually more shy and frightened. However,this does not mean that he cannot be affectionate and interactive. By planning his interactions and showing that he is not in danger he will soon be comfortable with his family and will be able to enjoy moments of affection.

Other important cares with these types of rabbits

Remember that rabbits can even look like a stuffed animal, but they need real care. A good feed, daily caresses, games and accessories are essential for your friend to grow up happy and healthy! They are herbivores, so the fibers are also essential for the species.

Don’t forget to worry about hygiene. Rabbits often go to the bathroom. If you plan to clean the place he urinates and defecates at least once a day. There are cages and enclosures to be the comfort of these animals, but it is always good to remember that the bigger the space the happier the animal will be.

They can live loose in specific rooms of the house, as long as there is a lot of care with security, avoiding leaks, electrical wires and other items that they can chew. In cases of very restricted places, it is always important to release the animal daily for exercise and play.

Now that you know the most popular types of rabbits and their needs,you know what to get to bring more quality of life and comfort to your friend.